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 Pol Video Production has been producing wedding movies since 1994.
  From early days of S-VHS analog  tape video format through  mini-DV digital recording and DVDs, finally you can enjoin your wedding move on Blu-ray disk in true state of art HD format.
 Our movies are recorded using professional video cameras, in 1080i or 720p  HDV single or multi-camera formats, with support of steady cam and jib-crane for spectacular final effects.                
 We use non-obstructive LED low power lighting systems to preserve a naturally looking scenery of  the ceremony and reception places. Wireless microphones bring natural, non-distorted sound of the most important words of the day.
 We provide fully edited movies, which include custom introduction, “love stories”, baby pictures photo presentation collages, highlight versions, unedited original material, and also simple “in-camera” edited movies.
 Your final movie version can be transfer in to Blu-ray or regular DVD (wide-screen mode). You can also watch it in a Flash move format or Apple TV, on your computer or a smart phone.
  From  the wedding ceremony only, through entire wedding day and beyond, you can customize your wedding package to feed your needs and budget.
 The creation of the wedding video is our passion, therefore You won’t be disappointed in our services.
Your Professional  Wedding Video Solution